Our Offer

Production of furniture and equipment according to the design
Finishing works, surface fit out
Professional advice on the selection of materials and technology
Interior and furniture design
object inventory
Deliver, assembly and warranty service

We will prepare an offer tailored
to your needs.

Produkcja mebli i wyposażenia Amalfi Building Design

Production of furniture and interior design
for individual clients.

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Free standing cabinets
  • Racks
  • Wardobes
  • Cabinets buildings
  • Children’s furniture
  • Upholstered bodies
  • Pantries
  • Libraries
  • RTV cabinets
  • Coffee tables
  • Tables
  • Dressing Tables
  • Sink Tables
  • Geberite castings
  • Bedside tables
  • Desks
  • Secret rooms
  • Under-counter containters
  • Buildings for laundry
  • Wall panels
  • Openwork walls
  • Kitchen islands
  • Wine cellars
  • Upholstered beds
  • Doors
  • Inplementation of individial projects.
Realizacja zabudowy kuchennej Amalfi Building Design

Commercial premises , small architecture objects

  • Restaurants ( HORECA )
  • Office furniture
  • Desks
  • Under-counter containers
  • Copy rooms
  • Kitchenettes
  • Dining rooms
  • Wall panels
  • Openwork walls
  • Space walls
  • Doors
  • Reception
  • Filling cabinets
  • Safe buildings
  • Technical rooms
  • Cloakrooms
  • Bar counters
  • Installation of the rear bar
  • VIP rooms
  • Implementation of individual projects
  • We produce commercial facilities for direct sales (e.g. kiosks, commercial pavilions and seasonal sales facilities) and remote sales (e.g. permanent vending machines). Production of objects according to own or client’s project.
Realizacja Amalfi Building Design

Finishing works, surface fitout

  • disassembly works, demolition
  • installation of partition walls in the plasterboard system
  • plastering walls and ceilings
  • execution of self-leveling screeds
  • execution of electrical , teletechnical , SAP and DSO installations and sanitary installations , including air conditioning and ventilation.
  • laying titles , ceramic , resin and stone floors
  • installations of system suspended ceilings
  • delivery and assembly of door and window jointery , glass walls and skirting boards
  • delivery and instalation of floor coverings , parquete , wooden floors , threee layer panels
  • delivery and installation of lighting
  • decorative work such as painting , installation of wallpaper , decorative panels
  • delivery and installation of electrical equipment , household appliances , Audio-Video.
Produkcja reklamy wewnętrznej i zewnętrznej Amalfi Building Design

Re-branding, POSM

    • Production of signage according to the client’s design (internal and external coffers, plafonds, pylons, semaphores, 3D spatial letters and others (plexiglass, vinyl, dibond, LED technology)

    • Our team has extensive experience in creating advertising displays and re-branding, including chain of chops , bank branches , cafe chains , car fleet offering comprehensive “turnkey” services (from the required renovation works, trough the execution and assembly of all elements inside and outside the point of sale).
    • Realisation of individual projects.
      • As a support for our clients’s brands, we also produced:
        – Fairs stands
        – Commercial islands
        – Scenographu
        – Shop in shop
        – Floor displays
        – Advertising displays
        – Coubters, tables, promotional stands

As a company, we focus on a modern approach to implementation

Wizualizacje 3D Reflinked Creative

We make 3D visualizations of projects to allow the client to see how the final product will look like in reality. It is a tool that helps to eliminate potential errors and mistakes at the design stage

lakierujemy, bejcujemy, patynujemy, postarzamy

In production, in order to meet the requirements of investors, architects and designers, we combine wood, mdf, plywood, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, glass, plexiglass, leather, fabrics and other.
Our elements are varnished, stained, patinated, and the material can also be aged or brushed before painting.

Piktogram park maszynowy stolarnia Amalfi Building Design

In addition to basic carpentry machines and a paint shop, we have a press, CNC and 5D CNC milling machine, thermoforming machine, cutting and printing plotter for making graphics, logos, block letters or spatial forms.

wsparcie technologa w zakresie rozwiązań konstrukcyjnych

We can make a project valuation or offer technologist support in the field of design solutions for complex projects.

Ekipa Amalfi Building Design

We deliver on time, cost-effective, goal-oriented, visually desirable product that will lift and enliven any space in any environment, ensuring longevity and profitability.